Sunday, January 11, 2009

A window shopping day

Today i promise to accompany khoon to go times square. Cz his frens from Kelantan come here to buy the new year shirt.(wondering why who from other state jz luv times square n sungei wang lot?)

B4 straight to times square, i take 3 bus to reach sunway pyramid to meet the Piggy Khoon. Now the klang central was operated, is quite comfortable n nice inside the klang central. Bt compare to KL central, still lot improvement needed. Cz of the rearrangement of bus shift and terminal, it takes abt 2 hours for me to reach sunway from klang utama. Haiz... Luckily mp3 player n novel to accompany for the whole journey, if not... tat's really bored.

After meet Khoon at sunway(luv his white shirt today), v straight away take cab to go times square. Cz already 2.45pm, tat's late.

During our lunch time, I noe tat Khoon is leaving on 21st of Jan to Kelantan to celebrate Chinese New Year, then come back by 30th of Jan. Hav to wait him for 9 days only can meet again... Suffer. Bt i think he din realise tat i'm quite sad when i heard these.

Today for khoon jz to be a Fashion adviser, to giving comment his frens wat to buy n wat is the trend now. Same go to me, i often to tat to my cousins. Your guys wan to ask me izit i buy anything for myself? NOP...!

i cant really find wat i wan in Times Square n Sungei Wang.
Bt i prefer Sunway n One Utama...
Sry tat im not depend on the brand bt the quality of the shirt.
I dun like Guess, MnG, Mango, even Topshop i really dun like tat much.
I jz like to go to some simple fashionista,
for ex: Voir,Baleno, Colours, Kitchen, forever 21, Moxx....etc
Something not expensive bt nice enuf.
Im jz a Economy Princess~
Looking to be simple n nice now...
I dowan the price of the clothes to show how worth am I.
Rather than buy a LV for myself, i prefer to take the money to go for a vacation.
Tat really open a larger explore on tis world, n improve ur knowledge tat worth enuf
Bt i Still Luv Shopping.

While khoon's frens was chosing good stuff, me n khoon jz sit at the corner n Chit-chatting.
N i capture on tis, too bored...

Big foot(khoon) vs Small foot(me)

I brought a clorets for Khoon, cz he really need to cut down his smoking habit.

Next time, i will bring a big bag wit me whenever i go out wit khoon.
cz hav to put mineral water, tissues, Clorets and my favourite novel.

Maybe i can get a part-time to becum khoon's nanny.

tat's a day.

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