Thursday, January 8, 2009

MOvie time:IP MAN

Today i have a date wit khoon, i promise to accompany him to watch IP MAN because monday he was accompany to go for BEDTIME STORIES. (well, BS was quite not tat nice tat i expect for... quite boring) And we had said to meet at sunway on 12pm.

But today my dad quite in a very good mood, so he straight away send me to Sunway bt not Klang Central. Ur guys must think tat I'm very lucky, right? Actually... I was appreciated with my dad to fetch me BT... I arrived sunway on 10.30am !
Then how do I spend my another 1 1/2 hours in sunway?!

Haiz... N i know tat khoon will not be awake by tis time n I oso dowan him to rush. So i walk for the whole sunway pyramid again early in the morning.(Some shop din even open yet!)

After spending few of my time at popular n buy a novel named 我是这样长大的 BY 张小娴(1 of my favourite writer). Then I spending all the time in J.Co donut and coffee wit my novel n a cup of Cafe Latte....

A nice start jz wit a cup of Cafe Latte and 1 donut~

When khoon come d, he wear the straight-cut pants tat i loved him to wear it. It look him more mature and style.( if hav the chance, I will capture it and let your guys to hav a look) He jz suit it something simple but nice, maybe this is his style... I think. hahaz....

Ok,ok... Out of topic again.

Today we go to hav our date at Mid-valley( a place i din go thr again since 300 years ago). Khoon is very excited to watch it... Keep on saying:"IP man... ip Man... IP MAN~"

After watching this movie, wat i gonna say is :"IP MAN, I love u and proud of u! Donnie YEn is the representative of martial arts!" Really feel so impressed to Donnie Yen after watched IP MAN. Here is the official website of Donnie Yen.
(but is in mandarin version)
He not jz a actor that really noe China Kong-Fu and Wushu, bt he oso a knowledgable man too~!U will find out the reason why i said so after u view his official website.

In the separate issues, I oso quite like the characteristic of Ip Man. He said one word tat was very great word for all guys n gals
"Thr's no such man that afraid of wife, only that they noe how to respect their wife."

More great words in IP Man, log on to
(only in mandarin version)

At last, IP man's the only son YIP Chun is so DAMN CUTE~~~~

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