Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Amalina Che Bakri

Please allow me to blog this by using my Broken_English + Rojak Language.

Before I share with you guys my X'mas celebration and New Year Eve, let me share this with you all. 
Yes, as the title. Amalina Che Bakri.

Dunno who is she? Please Google and you can get what you want.

She is from Kota Bharu, Kelantan. At year 2004, she is the student who score17As and get to be sponsored by Bank Negara to study Medicine at UK. 

Alright, this is what I saw on facebook today. 

Then ppl keep critics about her and say that she is men-siasui-kan Malaysian. And mostly are Malays... Ok, Here I wanna clarify that I not to be racism. Just that I pity about this lady who is just want to wear more.... Fashionable? so that she manage to create her social gang. 
Sumor who still wear tudung to UK? excuse me? Even Malaysia you can really c woman wearing full set of malay wear d lar.... Pls.

 Any problem with the wearing? I don't think so, even I feel she is more gorgeous than before.  She still wear long sleeve, legging full cover her leg.... is that a problem?
Hug ppl in the photo? I think that guy is her bf if I'm not mistaken, plus... this is super common at UK! 

I do c Malay wear sleeveless and short pants shopping over even they went to club. ><

Compare our STAR- Mizz Nina

and Poor Amalina. 

Which wan more sexy? 

this wan even worst. 

So... Please MALAYSIAN.... Let Amalina has her own life, that is no harm that a young and beautiful lady wan to make herself look much more pretty and fashionable. 



Nicole Sim said...

AHH. I didn't know that she has changed into SO STYLISH!! Way to go girl! As long the faith is with you, it doesn't matter :D

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