Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sweet X'mas Night

was a sweet n excited day~
cz Khoon purposely come to Sunway from Kelantan.
So touching...!

He oso bring me to the place i wish to go.
Tat's _T.G.I Friday
(cz b4 tat day, i only told Joyce tat i wan to go in to hav lunch...)

He really can read my mind.
We hanging out in Sunway to wait for the Christmas Count Down.

During tat time,

We went for a movie.
_Bolt 3D_

if 10 is the full marks, i gave it 6 on the story creatures n Setting. Bt only 4 marks for the 3D effect. Not much of layering on 3D effect, So not tat "POP OUT".
(n the 3D spec tat provide by cinema was so HEAVY, painful)

NExt is Shopping Time~!

Bt only Khoon go to Topman to Shop for his stuff.
He brought a T-shirt n long-sleeved Smart shirt.
bt i think the t-shirt not tat suit to his style.
colour was too bright.
On the separate issues,
wat he wear oso very nice n man.
I luv his wearing on our 1st meet!
⊂二二二( ω)二⊃

wat i buy for myself?
Surprisingly..... NOTHING.
(yaya, i noe wat ur reaction now... wit a get shock face.Σ(゜д゜;))

After dinner time in Kim Gary,
we go back to home then plan to come out again when 11pm.

In home,
v exchange the Xmas present.
I get the Jason Mraz CD n Handmade Music box for him.
wat i get?
THE BODY SHOP body butter.
he brought my favourite smell(peach).

Jz thanks to Khoon! ( ゚ ヮ゚)

N he oso promised me to sing Jason Mraz "I'm yours" for me.
Guess wat?
he Sang wit Prefect!
Ichiban neh!

Come to 11.50pm... v enjoy walking at Heineken X'mas Tree thr.
Khoon dowan to go to the central cz he jz hate the synthetic snow spray.
is ok for me, as long as i wit him.
(sweet) d(*⌒▽⌒*)b

DJ saying:" still hav 5 more minutes til Christmas..."





no fireworks wan?!


Khoon like sien sien d...
suddenly he said:"BAby... Merry Christmas, n I LOVE U".
tis the photo of our first date~!
n oso first christmas!

Lastly, stephanie wish everyone Merry Christmas n Happy New Year~!

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