Friday, October 9, 2009

A sour+sweet day

Before I upload my beauty secret, pls allow me to updated my blog with full of dust n spider web.
Sis: Yaya, is good that you know your blog din updated for ages.

Finally, yesterday is my precious off day. I have booked my facial treatment with Esther (my Origins therapist) on 1.30pm at One Utama. There is a long traffic jam at PJ-damansara. So, I sms Esther, tell her that I will be late for our appointment.

Then, she called me: “ Steph, I have a good news to congraz you.”
My mind turn up a big “?” for her and ask what happen?
“Parkson* having electrical shortage now, so I cant help you to do facial. If you dun mind, I can help you to do outside of the facial room. Haha….” Esther end up with her laugh.

What?! No current supply? OMG…

I waste another RM23 taxi fares to Sunway Monash Condo to meet up my hubby.
Guess wat? I brought him a ELLE pillow, and I help him to put inside the Hello Kitty Pillow cloth.
Before this, I brought him Hello Kitty mug, Hello Kitty key chain
Yaya, his room is full with Hello Kitty items.

After lunch, we decide to go for a movie.
My dear Panda he choose the Sorority Raw (horror movie)
This movie is about 1 hour and 30 mins, I think I jz watch about 30 mins. Because the sound system was so scary, wat I do in the 1 hour is hugging my hubby tight and put my head inside my scarf.
But, the ending is LAME!
If you would like to stimulate your heart beat, see what college girls’ life are, you can go for this movie.

We go for Jco Donut and Coffee to enjoy our tea break. As usual, he is drinking Orange Freeze, a Café Latte for me. Coming up, we go to play snooker together.

Tell you,
snooker is the most difficult game in this whole world.

Do you see NOOBY play with PRO before?
If no, welcome you to drop by and see I play with my hubby.
He is the Pro… YA, I admit that I’m the NOOB!

Bt, I will keep practicing, so that 1 day I can beat up my PANDA HUBBY! Haha…*dreaming*

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