Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yesterday was my Air Asia first round interview.
Cant imagin tat only 3 days i study then can interview d~
As Mayble n Ms Mulai told,
i hav to wear short-sleeves shirt, knee skirt n black high-heel.
im the new student for Centuria Training and educational Center.
the latest student for 14th batch

While waiting for going to the class to fill up the Sass Altantic Application Form,
guess wat?
i meet somebody~!
I meet SabrinaT n one of my primary skl classmate- Xin Min.
bt then they r not Centuria student( today is open to public interview)
really a big surprise when meet them.
Sabrina really a pretty.

Ok, after a few minutes of waiting.
Many of the khabar angin come out...
some of them said the interviewer come from Singapore,
sumor no self_introduction.
Bt keep asking the General Knowledge.
(luckily i read news paper everyday, except for yesterday...SWT)

While waiting the calling of interview student.
Ms Mulai(my class teacher) ask me to go for the interview d.
Wat the~!
"im not ready yet lar~ Ms Mulai~!"
ME wit a get shock horrible face
"Stephanie, jz act as yesterday night class, i hav highly hope on u! U r good."
i will be more nervous wit those senior will full experiences....
Do the best tat i can lar~

Going to the office at Block A4, everyone was waiting.
I saw Rebecca, Nicole(the birthday gal of tat day), Nana and Jessie.
They jz finished their interview, waiting for the result only.
Nana said, there's no self-introduction for today.
Bt the interviewer asking as the Khabar angin said,
abt general knowledge and all stuff of politic, economic even financial...
Hur? i noe nothing abt all kind of those question~

then, Mayble taking the shortlist of who was pass for jz now interview.
TAt jz Nicole n Jessie.
Means tat Rebecca n Nana, 2 experience students n potential was failed?!
then i sure die lar...

Then JOe(1 of the smart guy from Centuria students) calling me after his interview.
"Phang Yan Xing, is ur turn."



Then interviewer is a guy wit a smiling face.
"Good Afternoon, Sir"(keeping my BEST smile)
"ok, sit down"
"ok... Phang Yan Xing. Pls read tis article abt cotton for me."
"Ok.... BLa...BLA...BLA...wait... GArment? is how to pronous? GAR- MEnt? o GAR- MET? CIncai lar....BLA bla..... Finish, Sir"
"Alright, Phang Yan Xing. Here's ur question. Safety and Service, which 1 is more important. Why?"
"I think Safety is the most important for everyone, sir. Safety is the basic of airline. Life is very important.If we cant giving our customers( actually , is passenger) a safety.......(wait, how to say zixin in english"....ergh.... sry,sir... give me a few sec."
"Is ok, Calm down...."
(Squeezing my brain)
" We cant give our passeger wit safety confident, they wont fly wit our airline again"
"Good, Yan Xing. You may wait for ur result outside"
"Thx, sir"

After a few minutes, Mayble taking the shortlist and come out.
"Stephanie, u r in and u can go for the next round of English Paper"
Wat?! im in?
thx... GOD!

When walking to the A2 class, Joe keep on saying Why he cant in to me.
then although im An Wei-INg him, im really happy...
SRy ya, JOe.

My english paper quite ok, cz those obj quetion teacher had giving the clue.
bt, the essay~
i feel confident wit the essay tat i wrote.
the Question is:
"Do u made any mistake in ur life( or someone tat u noe)? how do u overcome ur mistake?"
wat i write is abt my dad he did the mistake in his life is he din continue wit his dream cz of realistic. How i overcome tis mistake is go ahead my dream to bcum a Cabin Crew. Add on, as Dato' Tony Fernandas(AirAsia Founder) said:" tat is a overwhelming experience if u done something tat ppl think u cant."

Im the first who pass up the paper.(cz finish d ma pass up lo, not a kind of showing off)
B4 packing my thing,
guess wat Ms Mulai said?
she said im SMART~!

At night,
I received 1 msg from Mayble.

The msg is
" Hi, tis is Sass Altantic. U r been selected to the final round for tmr. Pls go to LCCT when 4pm............................................................"

Waiting for today's Final Interview~!
let me pass it!

*First i write my blog in Eng Version, maybe cz affect by someone who is very important to me. Maybe HE is reading tis blog now. Wat i gonna tel him is, DUN LAUGH! i noe thr is LOTS of grammar mistake. So tats Y i need u to teach me ENGLISH lar, then v exchange i teach u Chinese. K? Haha.... thx for him cz he's always support me and tat y i success yesterday


feifei said...

1st of all we congrates to our studio 1st stewardess---Ms Phang..(yeaaaa...woohhoooo...)hahaz...well the english in his blog is not really good too...a lot of mistake oso and ''lo, la...kinda language...hahaaz...seriously this is a freaking long post but i still finished it...should give me a prize right?hehe....

Nicole Tzen Ting.L said...

PASSED!!!....best of luck for your final round!!..wohoo!!...go steph!!!!!!

Gho5ty said...

But bout english...
Speaking & writing are totally different...
Speak u must be on time n think...
Write u can take time to write...
If when u write lo...larr...meh
these on writing...dun mean ur english are not good...
cause when he speak...he totally different...XD ps

And your english are good...cause use write...
anyone can write...jus ned time what...
But for me...i prefer u write in Chinese...and chinese is your style...
Your style make me learn...when i dun understand...i can search on distionary...so its make me improve...
I really like it in Chinese better than English...